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‘Adam & Paul Save the Whole, Entire Apartment Complex’, because saving the world is too much work

Love zombies? Of course you do! Zombies are gross and terrifying and cool! We’re not afraid to admit that we think about the zombie apocalypse A LOT and we may or may not have a secret stash of supplies, weapons and a survival plan in case it actually happens. But unlike the wide open spaces of Georgia, most people in LA would experience the zombie apocalypse from their apartment buildings. And if you’d like to see what that scenario would be like before it happens, you should check out Adam & Paul Save the Whole, Entire Apartment Complex. 

This web series is coming to you from our good friends Joel Reaves (Writer/Director) and Patrick Geraghty (Director of Photography), along with producers Paul Todd and Dayeanne Hutton. The series stars Chris O’Brien as Adam, Michael Thomas Grant as Paul, Paulina Cerrilla as Adam’s longtime crush Rachel, and, of course, some pretty sweet zombies.

The gang has set up a Kickstarter page in order to raise money to pay for special FX makeup, gear rentals, location permits and the like. Backers can receive Twitter shout outs, pilot credits, t-shirts, a personalized comic, and even a spot as a background zombie! And each time the project reaches a fundraising goal, they’ll release a new promo video such as “Adam & Paul Teach Zombie How to Kill a Zombie!”

So if you like zombies and want to support a great group of young filmmakers and actors, check it out! 

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