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Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Trailer!

GTA5 LOOKS AMAZING!!! Rockstar is keeping what makes GTA great and making the whole franchise experience even better with an abundance of amazing features!

There is going to be THREE lead characters. This may seem odd to the GTA purists, but from the look of the gameplay video, this feature is going to be paramount in GTA5’s epicness!!

With three different protagonists, players can switch between them for greater efficiency during combat or can indulge in their inner voyeur by checking in on character’s personal lives when they are not engaged in killing sprees or major heists!

What I am most looking forward to is not dying if I accidentally fall in water or being attacked by a shark if I swim too far out in the ocean. Being able to go diving opens up a whole new world of possibilities I am VERY excited to take .

Stay tuned for more from GTA including the multiplayer mode: Grand Theft Auto Online.


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