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Course of the Force: Modern day Jedis


Lucasfilm Ltd. and Nerdist Industries have teamed up with Make a Wish Foundation in an awesome countdown to the San Diego Comic-Con. The Course of the Force event starts at Lucas Ranch in San Francisco where participants run all the way down to the San Diego Convention Center. Like the Olympic torch, each person only runs part of the way, but they do it while passing a lightsaber from one runner to the next.

The idea sounds great, right? Star Wars, Comic-Con and helping sick kids. What could better?

Well, Make a Wish Foundation may be using the dark side of the force. The Tampa Bay Times has deemed MAWF the worst charity in America, spending less than three cents on each donated dollar to actually help sick children. Over the past ten years, nearly $110 million went to corporate solicitors while an additional $35 million went to the “charity’s” founder and consulting firms.

Nonetheless, Course of the Force is a great event involving amazing people with good intentions. You can try and catch these modern day Jedis as they make their run from July 9th – July 16th. You can donate or otherwise contribute to the cause at:


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